Raid Regulations

The Raid is an excursion formula, organized in groups, led and coordinated by the organization staff, linked to the "Pharaons International Cross Country Rally". The Raid enjoys all the services that the organization provides to the Rally and it follows in part the same routes. The Raid is handled according to the capabilities of participants, the characteristics of their cars or any ideal management of the group.

To register at the RAID and to undersign the Terms of Participation, implies the acceptance of the Raid Regulations in all its parts.

  1. Whoever is part of a team enrolled in RAID is committed to participate to administrative and sport scrutineerings which take place before the race. An identifying bracelet  will be handed in order to have access to bivouacs, together with compulsory stickers and number plates as identification for the vehicle.
  2. Raid is organized in groups with a Raid Chief becoming the referring person alltime for all groups members.
  3. Each Raid team must follow the instructions given by the Raid Chief who establishes times, routes and meeting places for participants.
  4. A briefing for Rally competitors takes place each evening and it’s followed by another briefing for Raid participants. Attendance of at least one member for each team is compulsory.
  5. Each team must compulsorily have a satellite phone or a balise, which can be rented from the competent suppliers as mentioned in the “Safety” section.
  6. Each team must keep its position along the day as assigned by the Raid Chief. Take overs and risky actions are forbidden. It’s compulsory to keep a safe distance from the preceding vehicle. PHARAONS RALLY does not take any responsibility for accidents or damages which may occur due to participants’ wrong behaviours.
  7. Should a team wish to skip one leg or split from the caravan, they must inform the Raid Chief.
  8. Registration at the Raid does not involve any garage service which must be organized by participants themselves. Each one is responsible of his vehicle technical assistance on the track or at bivouacs. Moreover the team responsible must ensure that his vehicle is not disturbing the regular race progress.
  9. Egypt does not recognise any type of non-Egyptian Insurance Policy. Therefore the European Civil Liability Insurance usual Policies are not valid in Egypt. It is possible to purchase an Additional Policy from an Egyptian Broker available at scrutineerings before the race, against a private subscription, in order to have an insurance coverage in case of accidents on the asphalt or damages to third parties.
  10. The Raid participants get the same insurance coverage and medical assistance provided to Rally participants.
  11. It is advised to view all information available on the race pages of this website in order to acquaint yourself with the Rally experience.

By accepting this present Regulations, all Raid participants declare to release PHARAONS RALLY JVD from any responsibility for any physical or material damage along the Raid progress.


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