General info

Satellite phone
The GSM mobile phones work well in most of the oasis crossed by the Rally. In any case it is greatly advised to have a personal satellite phone for security reasons.

Flashing torch 
It is advisable to have a flashing torch meant to signal your presence to rescue vehicles after sunset. The Safety Equipment suppliers (see Safety page of the race will help you to purchase one.

Hand rockets
According to Regulations, you have to carry three rockets meant to draw attention of a vehicle or an airplane at night. The Safety Equipment suppliers (see Safety page of the race will help you to purchase them.

Anti-sand plates
The anti-sand plates are compulsory.

Twin trip master
The setting and use of a twin trip master is compulsory, as it allows to comply with the obligation to follow the track outlined on the road book.

Boxes transport
The transport fee of your purchased box on our "Camion Malles" is 350.00 Euro, up to space availability. The boxes must be locked and the tyres chained and locked to the organization truck structure by an organization officer. PHARAONS RALLY JVD is not responsible for any missed and/or changed piece.

Bike and quad gasoline fixed rate of 200 € must be paid through bank transfer by all bikers. This amount is due for the fuel supplied to bikes at Selective Sections CP. Cheques or credit cards are not accepted.

It is supplied only upon request.

Gasoline super
It does not exceed 95 octane in Egypt; it is suggested the use of an additive for compressed engines. Estimated price 2,75 LE (Euro 0.32).
Requested Car fuel self-sufficiency: 500 Km (it is suggested to estimate + 10% for sandy terrain).
Requested Motorbike fuel self-sufficiency: 250 Km (it is suggested to estimate + 10% for sandy terrain).

It is suggested to use a 4x4 vehicle for your assistants. For those not interested to register an assistance vehicle, it is foreseen the transport of one or more mechanic(s) on an organisation vehicle for all the Rally at the cost of Euro 700.00 each person (we have limited seats). The "Camion Malle" where we store your box is anyway supplied with power generator and light and it's available to allow you to work on your vehicle.

Assistance/Rally plate
The Rally Plate is compulsory for all vehicles that do not take our shipping transport from Europe, as well as for vehicles rented in Egypt and also for the Middle East participants.

It is required in order to follow the Rally group and to give assistance and it includes:

  • authorisation to access the desert military areas usually prohibited but open for the Rally
  • access into assistance areas in case of breakdown or accident
  • road book delivery
  • participation at the daily briefing

The cost of the Rally plate is:

  • motorbike € 250
  • quad € 300
  • car € 500
  • truck € 650

NOTE: the Rally plate is included in the transport fee of all vehicles paying our shipping transportation from/to Europe.

For information, please contact us by email:

The bivouacs in the desert are your shelter and you rest under the big Arab tent. There you can feel the atmosphere of the desert life and relax after the efforts of the day.

The bivouac rate is included in the entry fee and it supplies you:

  • breakfast buffet from 5.00 to 9.00 a.m.
  • basket lunch and bottled water against coupon provided at administrative checks
  • dinner buffet at 7.30 p.m. after the compulsory briefing due at 7.00 p.m. every evening

If you get early at the bivouac, you find the kitchen ready to serve hot dishes also at midday, against payment.

Passport: expiry date must be at least six months from the date of your entry in Egypt. Most European Countries do not need visa entry, replaced by a stamp that you can buy directly at the airport upon arrival. It is advised to double check with the Egyptian Embassy/Consulate of your Country the need of a pre-issued visa.

Driving licence
The international driving licence is compulsory for all those that drive a vehicle in Egypt.

Climate is Mediterranean on the coast,  desertlike inland with cold nigths from November to February. Days are warm, dry and windy in winter and hot from April to September. Only Cairo can be slightly humid. 

Light clothes from March to November, it's advisable a pullover for the evenings and against the air conditioning of hotels. Do not forget the swimsuit, good sunglasses, a cap and one pair of comfortable shoes. Egypt is a Muslim country: it is advised to remind it when choosing your clothes.

Many craft products come from leather works, alabaster, silver, copper and brass, from hand loomed carpets, from cotton spinning. It is an Arabic habit a long and often hilarious bargain before each purchase. Note: Friday is holiday and many shops are closed.

The cuisine is international in hotels, but it is worth to taste some local specialities, with dishes based on rice, onions, beans (many broad beans), beef or mutton meat cooked on barbecue or on the spit: they are very tasty and sometimes a bit too spiced. The chefs of our bivouacs are able to fulfil all tastes.

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