The route of the Pharaons Rally is designed for this 2015 challenging edition.


The reconnaissance team ended the exploration of the route and each leg is now defined. After the dunes of the first leg, that require some navigational skills, the breathtaking landscapes towards Sitra will become increasingly visible while climbing the more technical dunes. The fesh-fesh on top of the plateau that leads to Farafra requires great attention while the soft dunes of the 4th leg can assure lots of fun to drivers, riders and copilots. This is how we can start thinking about the 2015 Pharaons Rally, while getting prepared for the race that will run its last leg on the way to Cairo on May 16th. The Sphynx will announce its final verdict about the winners that will get their deserved reward to the energy spent along those five days of pure desert delight.

Among other teams, Xtreme-plus has entered the race with 6 Razors. A new generation of vehicles is going to light up the start of the Pharaons Rally. These SSV from Xtreme-plus are ready to attack those dunes and the demanding terrains of the Egyptian desert. These futuristic lightweight cars are finding many followers within the Cross Country world and the Egyptian race is the perfect frame where they can test their engines and reliability. Similar to cyber-bugs that draw the line of their passage on the sand, these cars will leave a sign also in the history of Pharaons Rally.