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Only three months to go for the 2015 Pharaons Rally!

The third race of the FIM Cross Country World Championship for bikes and fourth round of the FIA World Cup for cars will run in Egypt across the desert from May 10 to 17, 2015.

The route is taking its definite shape with over 2.300 km in 5 legs, with 1.600 km of Selective Sections: a unique race among the world’s myths.

The start will be close to the historical site of El Alamein, on the Mediterranean Sea after two days of Administrative Checks and Sport Scrutineerings scheduled on 10-11/05 in a brand new stunning resort, ideal also for accompanying people.

The great novelty is the track with one central heart: the permanent bivouac is in Tibniya, Baharija Oasis, in order to make the logistics simple for the assistants as well as for the organization, no more long transfers every day.

After the first leg from El Alamein to Tibniya, three legs will test the energies of riders and drivers over different terrains:

1st leg May 12: El Alamein - Ghorabi dunes - Tibniya. Dunes, pistes, sand and navigation.

2nd leg May 13 : Tibniya - Ghrd Kebir - Sitra. Cathedral, soft technical dunes and challenging navigation with breathtaking landscapes.

3rd leg May 14: Tibniya - Farafra. Fast pistes, feshfesh, plateau, dunes and inserting navigation.

4th leg May 15: Tibniya -Tibniya. Soft dunes, pistes, plateau and feshfesh.

5th leg May 16: Tibniya - Cairo. The finish will be in front of the Pyramids where the podium is set.

The richness of terrains offered by the Egyptian deserts will feature many different shapes of dunes with smooth and hard sand and some challenging navigation. The finish is in Giza at the Great Pyramids site, the magic finale of every Pharaons Rally.

All is meant to make things simpler, so to concentrate the most of energies over the race itself.

Shipping ITALY – EGYPT – ITALY: Delivery of vehicles at Venice Port, Monday, April 27 (to be confirmed). Collection of vehicles from Alexandria Port, Saturday, May 9. Delivery of vehicles at Alexandria Port, Sunday, May 17. Collection of vehicles at Venice Port, Monday, May 25 (to be confirmed).

Shipping from DUBAI/QATAR to EGYPT: If we look at the 2015 calendar of Cross Country FIM World Championship and FIA World Cup, the teams participating at Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and at Sealine Rally in Qatar, can easily take their vehicles from Dubai/Qatar to Egypt. Info on: Best For Goods