Al Attiyah and Salvatierra first in Dakhla


DAKHLA – Another hot day at Pharaons Rally, that left Nile Valley to go through the Libic Desert, in Dakhla oasis that hosted the first bivouac after the nights spent in hotel. Pharaons atmosphere has so begun in earness with a difficult special stage of 362,76 km, faced after a 244 km tranfer and started this morning at 11.

Temperatures over 47 degrees that made the day very difficult with lots of problems concerning dehydration especially for bikers.

Cars instead had to face wheel punctures, like the three happened to today winner Nasser Al Alattiyah or the two occurred to the general classification leader Yazeed al Rajhi.

Al Attiyah won with two minutes over the car brand companion Vladimir Vasilyev and with less than four minutes on Saudii Yazeed Al Rajhi, that remains at the top of the classification with two minutes over Vasilyev and nine over Al Attiyah.

Among bikes Juan Carlos Salvatierra and Nicolas Cardona seem right now to be the only able to play for winning. Today also, The Bolivian riding his Speedbrain, won today also with 14 minutes and the half over the Venezuelan. Third Rafal Sonik that is of course yhe first quad to get the finish line.Behind him Stefano Chiussi and Rafal Eraso.

Tomorrow direction will be North, in order to reach Baharija, the 3000 mummies oasis,where we'll stay two days before the last stage that will arrive to Giza Pyramids.

INTERVIEWS Nasser Al Alattiyah: “Three spare wheels and three punctures. The first two inn the first 80 km, then on plateau full of rocks:, it has been a bit stressful and we have to pay the maxim attention. Third puncture occurred at 120 km from the arrival. We lost several time but after all we surprisingly arrived first.”

Yazeed Al Rajhi: “A good day but it has not been easy to open the track. We had two punctures and just two spare wheels, and that situation worries us a bit.After the first puncture Vasyliev passed us, then we changed position 5 or 6 times.By the end we arrived in front of him.”

Vladimir Vasilyev:” The most important ting is that we are at the end of this difficult stage and that we did not have problems by following our rhytm.We amused in fighting with Yazeed and it has been difficult to exit at the end of the stage from dunes that were really soft. Moreoverer air conditioning did not work and car was really hot.”

Juan Carlos Salvatierra: “It has been the right day to give practice to all the job made with my trainer during the past four years. I've found a good rhythm, calm and careful in not making mistakes. I kept concentration in looking all roadmap details. I've just had a small fall without consequences.”

Nicolas Cardona: “Navigation today has not been so difficult as the first day, apart from a rocky part where I had some difficulties in finding a waypoint. I've tried not to make mistakes like the first day. Weather has played an important role, sand was very soft and air like an air dryer in your face. Moreover, my bike doesn't run more than 120 km/hour.