PRESS RELEASE - March 31st 2014

Back from scouting in order to verify the track of the coming 2014 Pharaons Rally, our “reco team” tells you that this year is dedicated to the pleasure of driving over different types of terrains and also to the pleasure of sight.

Actually the route will roll over a beautiful variety of terrains, over a rhythm that allows to show the technical skills of the vehicle and of its crew. It will reward more the quality of the driver than the risk taken and the high speed.

The scrutineering and the start of the Pharaons Rally will take place in the town of El Gouna, on the shore of the Red Sea. A small Egyptian "Las Vegas", El Gouna is a comfortable beach resort that offers many water sports for tourists. In order to arrange the best “place” for everyone at the start of the race, we have the pleasure to propose a prologue on the sea shore, that will be also an enjoyable moment for all the town residents.

Ss1: "From the sea to the Nile": (El Gouna – Luxor) We leave the East of Egypt to cross a first range of mountains that runs along the Red Sea in order to reach a second range of mountains that runs along the Nile Valley from North to South up to the town of Qena. We mean the mountain range that holds many volcanic traces. The track we take from North to South – at Cap change – is an ancient track of camel caravans. It’s the track that links the Upper Egypt with the Red Sea, that will take the Pharaons Rally competitors to slalom down the great canyons or among the mountains massifs, over a terrain sometimes rocky, sometimes sandy. Leg arrival is at the fabulous town of Luxor.

Ss2: From the Nile to no man's land: (Luxor - Dakhla) This passage from South of Egypt toward West crosses the ancient tracks that connect the Upper Egypt and the Western oasis and it marks an important change of scenery. The mountain range from the Red Sea formed during the volcanic activity will take us over a terrain more open like plateau, mainly made of sedimentary rocks (sandstone, limestone, …), among or below which we will trace our route in off road or over tracks often sandy, with crossing of the first dunes. A delight for our navigators. Arrival of the leg in Dakhla for a marvelous bivouac among mountains and oasis.

Ss3: Cap North: (Dakhla – Baharia) Climb toward North, from the Western Desert or Libyque Desert (not to be confused with the Libyan Desert), always over sedimentary sandstone, limestone and crystals (calcite, …) that witness the sea has covered this region 30 million years ago… We take one of the most ancient tracks of this region for about twenty kilometers. It has been a great track that linked the Dakhla and Farafra Oasis. Certainly the historical cairns along the route are extraordinary and well set to locate the track. Specials very varied, among mountain passes, navigation and off road through massifs, plateau and sea sand, and also crossing of dunes. Arrival of the leg at Baharia for 2 days bivouac.

Ss4: The pleasure of the Egyptian dunes: (Baharia-Baharia) The oasis of Baharia has been the centre of the camel caravans passage. Those caravan were carrying mainly salt and gold from Sudan and Chad, to sell them in Egypt. Around the Baharia oasis, the Lybique Desert (where the traces from the sea are all over: limestone, calcite, iron oxide, …) will be the scenery of a special made of long crossing in off road sometimes technical, within and through ranges and depressions, varying with many passages of beautiful dunes chains where the quality of the crew can make the difference.

Ss5: From the Oasis to the Pyramids: (Baharia – Cairo) We leave the Libyque Desert depressions to get over the Giza plateau at the meeting with the Nile Valley. We ascend through quite a wide vision for a special that is featured by long crossing in sandy off road sometimes bouncing, very amusing where the navigation must be precise to get to the centre of Cairo where it will be celebrated the traditional arrival of the race over the Pyramids site.

Five legs within a majestic landscape, very varied as only the Egyptian desert can be proud of. Where the sections of the hard track sometimes rocky will leave the nice spot to the sand that is sometimes in form of stony track or off road, and sometimes under the shape of huge dunes chains quite supporting and very amusing to cross. Without forgetting the bivouacs that are the source of reputation for the Pharaons Rally: traditional, but also very comfortable, we have set them once more in spots where the pleasure of senses will be whole jointly with the pleasure of sight…

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Enjoy the Pharaons Rally! Enjoy the Legend!