RACERS @ PHARAONS 2014 chapter 2


NEWSLETTER - 2014 March 17th

2014 SCOUTING has started. Pics and news live from the desert avery day on our facebook page. Follow us!!!

The “African bug” stays with you forever; you get “desert sick” even after having been there once. Competitors are so directly in touch with the terrains, the heat, the sand… that whoever starts to run the Pharaons Rally, does not leave it.

It’s easy to join them: you can start reading their stories to get inspired.
Then call us for further info and find out the last offer to save some money.

Enjoy their stories. Enjoy the legend.

ALDO and DARIO DE LORENZO Auto The legendary twins: a love story with the Pharaons Rally. After a “premiére” in the Cross Country at the Dakar Race, they find their right terrain in Egypt in 2000... “ the best mixture of track, duration and different terrains”… and they’ve never missed one edition. They made 11 Pharaons Rallies, 6 Dakar, 3 Dubai, 1 Morocco, but they always go back to Egypt because at the Pharaons Rally they also enjoy… “the human side of the Organization, an added value never found in any other race”. After having changed different cars along the years, now they run with a magnificent Toyota V8 200 followed by an Astra 8x8 as assistance car. Their mechanics team share with them this love story since years, a love… roofed with sand.

ENRICO ZOFFOLI Moto Zoffoli is 43 and he lives in Romagna, East centre of Italy. He grew up watching the motor bikers while crossing the deserts on specialized magazines. The memorable rallies of the 90s were the Paris-Dakar and the Pharaons Rally. After waiting for 20 years… among dream and reality, he bought his bike and had his first experience in the desert in 2011 in Tunisia. His passion has become stronger on the tracks and on the dunes. He then took part at the Erzberg Rodeo, at the Motorally in Italy, always with the objective to get back to the desert. His dream to participate at the Pharaons Rally with a K990 prepared for rally, runs after the legend of Fabrizio Meoni. So, here he is.

TOMMASO BIONDI Moto A hospital pharmacist with a past in the Italian Navy, now on the route toward …. a sea of sand. The blame goes to the ship of the desert, its KTM 690 Rally that - together with his friendship with Stefano Turchi – transforms this dream in reality “… and here I am, registered at the Pharaons Rally!”. He has a professional past in the Enduro and only lately he has discovered the charm of desert and adventure. Tunisia, Morocco, the desert of Monegros in Spain. Now he faces with no fears his first race in Africa, with Stefano and with the assistance of Steels from Castiglione Fiorentino: “… their experience will be my road-book! With the helmet on my head, the aim is to arrive at the Pyramids!” Come forward, he’s still looking for a sponsor.

STEFANO CHIUSSI Moto Stefano Chiussi, 46 years, entrepreneur from Milano, married, two girls. He is at his second participation at the Pharaons Rally. In 2011 he takes part as Aprilia Racing official rider in the Virgin Radio Team, together with Chaleco and Andrea Mancini, in the role of Tutor for the Dj Ringo and Serena Ghione. “I have accepted in 30 seconds: I couldn’t let go the occasion to live an adventure out of time as the Pharaons!” And the Pharaons Rally has not deluded him: “… among valleys, passes, chalk forests and wide spaces, I have stopped tens of time to take pictures! And then the fantastic bivouac, always side by side with famous riders, Coma, Rodrigues, Viladoms, friendly people to share with a real adventure of another age”. Stefano gets back to Pharaons Rally with a different spirit “… I’ll be at the Start with my old KTM 530 rally, with no assistance, as a private, to live again what I’m sure is going to be a beautiful adventure”.