RACERS at 2014 PHARAONS RALLY, chapter 1


NEWSLETTER – February 10th

After few weeks of opening 2014 registration at Pharaons Rally, more than 40 teams are listed for the start of the Race. It’s easy to join them: you can start reading their stories to get inspired. Then call us for further info and find out the last offer to save some money. Enjoy their stories. Enjoy the legend.

The “African bug” stays with you forever; you get “desert sick” even after having been there once. Competitors are so directly in touch with the terrains, the heat, the sand… that whoever starts to run the Pharaons Rally, does not leave it.

STEFANO TURCHI – MOTORBIKE It’s the case of Stefano Turchi, a genuine Tuscan that has never given up since 2007, he never surrendered. A unique passionate that prepares his bike all alone, he works out his own assistance, he lives the desert like they did in the past… “The Pharaons Rally has been my first international race and it’s settled in my heart !” Turchi enjoys the route, the arrival at the Pyramids, as well as the quality and safety standards. The “Cinghiale maremmano” is ready to surprise all in his 2014 challenge. He’s also trying to drag in some friends “… with whom share these emotions”. The fulfillment to conquer a place in the classification – 1st in the Open category over 450 cc at the Pharaons Rally 2011 - cancels in Stefano all misadventures, problems, injuries.

LAURENT MEFFRE – MOTORBIKE From Africa to Africa: Laurent Meffre has started his life as a biker with an excursion on two wheels around the Lac Rose when he lived in Senegal. Then he got enthusiastic when he happened to cross Mauritania and the Teneré desert, then he run the Dakar and eventually created the “Team Africa-LM adventure” with the same passion as a driver as well as a manager. He ten lands at the Pharaons Rally “… where I found the perfect balance between demanding stages, incredible open space, short transfers, traditional bivouacs and an organization in tune with the values of the African rally-raid.” This year he will run together with his ex-mechanic, Ronan Labastire that shares his passion.

OBJECTIF DUNES – CAR A car with airplane technology? Nothing is impossible for Objectif Dunes, a team of passionate that prepare their vehicle themselves, with the duty not to ever leave it even in the middle of the unexpected. Their figures: in 26 years over 320 people of their company, the Airbus, have taken part to 45 races in North Africa and South Europe as drivers, co-drivers, over motorbike and over buggy prototypes. Innovative as they are, they have navigated with a proto-GPS already in 1988. They’ll be racing this year with an Ecoproto vehicle, efficient and environmentally friendly, fueled by bio-ethanol with many spare parts in green material, mainly a Bio-resin body based on sugar, soya, rapeseed, beetroot and cellulose fiber. High technology “from nature” to “fly” among the Egyptian desert dunes.

Pharaons Rally Enjoy the Legend!