A country with a seven thousand-years old history, a desert among the most beautiful and varied of the world, a reliable organization that gives priority to its participants’ needs, a contest that spans more than thirty years, and wrote some important pages in the history of Rally-Raids. This is the Pharaons Rally, ready to renew its challenge in the Egyptian desert from September 28th to October 5th 2013. Registration that opened mid-February are proceeding fast with a few days left to the deadline of the first and most convenient rate. Meanwhile the Pharaons Rally staff met at the Italian Baja in Pordenone - the first trial of the FIA World Cup - to invite drivers and riders to a great start of this 2013 edition with a discount on the early Pharaons registration rate as an offer to the Baja competitors. Scouting will start in a few weeks to trace the route of this new edition, which will ensure some exciting challenges for the most demanding competitors. The six stages will portray corner after corner, dune after dune, track after track of the beautiful, difficult, fulfilling and mysterious Egyptian desert. It’s not only the route and the location that make the Pharaons Rally different. The Egyptian race is still one of the few races where you can breathe the atmosphere of the real rally-raid, with an “African style” bivouac and its unique mood. If this is not enough, here are ten good reasons not to miss the 2013 Pharaons Rally: • 3.000 km in one of the best landscapes in the world • Three days boat crossing for vehicles transfer Venice/Alexandria and back • Custom duty handled by organization • Transfers reduced to the minimum • Start in front of the Great Pyramids in Cairo • Majestic yet accessible dunes • Moto boxes truck and balais service available • European Medical Staff • Accurate road book • 5 stars bivouacs