Pharaons Rally 2013


Less than hundred days after the last spectacular arrival of cars and bikes back from the desert under the Pyramids of Giza, the registrations are opening for the Pharaons 2013!

This will be another special and memorable edition, aimed to confirm the expectations of not only our affectionate supporters but also the brave new ones who wish to face one of the most beautiful deserts in the world with its varied and unpredictable terrains, its majestic dunes, the endless sand of Sahara.

Almost three thousand kilometers of outstanding SS; transfers reduced to the minimum; first class services and bivouacs, incomparable to anywhere else; fast sea transport that allows vehicles to be back in time for the final events of 2013. This is our recipe that racers and riders have definitely appreciated, which we are glad to continue while keeping competitive prices and a personalized assistance, that starts with your registration.

As the tradition of Pharaons Rally goes, we reward our first comers: the first 10 bikes registering will have a promotional package including rider and bike transport at 4.300 euro. Cars get a new formula including two registrations (pilot and co-pilot) plus car transport at 9.000 euro.

Well, Pharaons 2013 is ready. And you? More info on

Click here to download the 2013 flyer