PRESS RELEASE N. 11 – 2013, 27th AUGUST

Dear rally friends and fans of Egypt,

Egypt, a majestic country and an ancient civilization, has been experiencing a deep transformation of its political and social life over the last three years. No major change is painless and Egypt’s past few weeks of intense events are no different.

However, everything today suggests that the worst is over and that stability and modernity will soon be the future values of this strong Country. For over 30 years Egypt’s magical desert has been the homeland of the Pharaons Rally, the prestigious race of the Cross Country Rally World Cup and Championship.

To organize and participate in this international event is an adventure that we have always cherished and enjoyed sharing with all the racers and their teams. Above all, we have always ensured that it is carried out with the utmost professionalism and with immense passion.

Today, we still solidly have the support of our business partners, of the local and military authorities and of the international federations, to proceed with organizing the rally as scheduled this coming October. And indeed, all signs reflect that Egypt could be ready to offer a safe setting to hold an exciting race for all international teams.

However, we also understand the concerns that participants and their families have, and we wish to respect and give priority to that admissible concern. With this in mind and after consultation with the Egyptian Authorities and the International Federations (FIM and FIA) we decided to postpone the 2013 edition of the Pharaons Rally to May 2014.

This is a difficult decision due to circumstances beyond our control, but with your support and trust we can continue to share our passion in the best conditions.

We sincerely thank the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, the International Federations (FIM and FIA) and the competitors who have given us their support, understanding, approval and enthusiasm for the new date.

The Pharaons Rally lives on thanks to all of you.