Another victory for Schlesser´s record!


The unreachable leader of Pharaons Rally 2011, Jean-Louis Schlesser is a one of a kind driver. The car creator/designer is more than 60 years old and to acquire victories on his blue Buggy seems to be his hobby. Schlesser collects more than 200 motorsport´s victories, half of it in cross country rally, mainly in Africa: Two memorable Dakar wins and thee in Africa Eco-Race. To these, eight World Cup titles must be added, and once you add all up, you understand that for “the boss”, the legend is written in the black continent.

“One more!” says Schlesser as he gets down of his Buggy stopped in front of the Pyramids, while all microphones and cameras turn to him.

At the end of a flawless week, Jean Louis and Konstantin have left only the rest to other competitors. The first stage was signed by Russian driver Vladimir Vasiliev, all five others go to Schlesser, who took an impressive advantage each time.

They got exhausted trying to reach him and made mistakes, which was again the case of Boris Gadasin, who rolled over the G-Force Proto in today´s stage. Jun Mitsuhashi (Toyota), comfortably installed second overall, with an important gap over the third, Gadasin, faced a mechanical problem within the stage that condemned the Japanese-French crew to withdrawal. Finally, the result of this 14th edition of Pharaons Rally was totally unexpected: Schlesser – Zhiltsov followed by Vadym Nesterchuk – Laurent Lichtleuter in their Mitsubishi L200 and G-Force´s Gadasin – Shchemel third.

They said…

Jean Louis Schlesser (Buggy): “I am very happy with this second consecutive victory in Egypt. We can tell it is totally flawless, but I can say that it wasn´t easy all the time. I must go through some difficulties, kilometer after kilometer focusing on the race all the time. The least mistake could change everything. Konstantin did a great job and his skills were required every day because navigation was a crucial issue. The track of this edition was varied in the most positive sense. It was rally raid race the way I like them… This victory makes me happy for me and my team, my partners that I am thankful for their confidence. Next stage for me will be the fourth edition of Africa Eco Race.”

Laurent Lichtleuter (Mitsubishi L200): “We finished second, this is just magical! We carried out a remarkable week: no mechanical problem, no navigation mistakes. We kept a steady race and here we have the results! We are glad for this result right before our next race: the Dakar. We will carry out tests in Dubaï next December with a T2 Toyota, with which Vadym intends to participate in the World Cup 2012.”

Costel Casuneanu (Mitsubishi Pajero MPR13): “Around km 40 after the start, in the dune section, someone told us to take a direction to avoid running into another car, we learned later that it was Gadasin that rolled over. Unfortunately, we found ourselves trapped in a dip between two dunes. We tried to get out for two hours. Finally, it was Marco Piana that arrived and as the gentleman that he is, he helped us to get out. The “operation” took about 30 minutes… and after it, we were able to continue our way to Cairo…”

Boris Gadasin (Proto G-Force): “In the first dunes´ section, we took a big ascending slope maybe a little too fast, and at the end, it was a cut end dune… We rolled over and landed on the side. We waited for our T4 to repair suspensions and continue. We arrived to Cairo keeping the third place. That is a real performance!”

Ilya Kuznetov (Toyota): “The race is finally over! It was hard and this last stage was definitely the best stage during the rally. We had different problems every day! And today, it happens to others… Now we can celebrate the FIA World Cup in T2!”