Pharaons Rally: It’s worth the wait!


The fourteenth edition of the Pharaons Rally is going on stage from October 3rd to 8th. All the vehicles are “sailing” towards Alexandria where drivers will collect them on September 30th. The bike category FIM World title will be decided in Egypt among the three competitors: Rodrigues, Przygonski and Coma. Among cars, Jean Louis Schlesser will try to catch the current top position holder, Novitskiy.

Activities are hectic. Few days to the start of the fourteenth edition of the Pharaons Rally, the racing vehicles have been shipped on the Spes of Grimaldi Lines and they just left from Venice Port to reach Alexandria after three days of navigation.

The 63 motorbikes, 12 quads, 25 cars, 2 trucks plus another twenty teams participating in the Pharaons Classic and Raid. These are the records of this 2011 Pharaons Rally. Significant figures if you think that Egypt has just come out of a hard situation. The countdown has started and excitement for the great event getting closer is striking champions as well as amateurs, each one ready to run for his dreams, his hopes, his goals.

Two days of scrutineerings at the Movenpick Hotel Media City on October 1st and 2nd, then the adrenaline can be directed to the steering wheel. Giza Pyramids are the classical - always amazing setting, waving the start of the rally on its journey, with the first of the six stages that will take the caravan again in front of the Ancient Pharaohs tombs. The long track with 2600 kilometres of special stage and with few transfers are the line on which the tough 2011 Pharaons Rally will move, watch out especially the second and the fifth leg, days on which anything can happen.

The battle will be harsh. Among bikes Marc Coma is the all-time winner who tries to win again as he did last year, in order to get four victories at the Pharaons that he would share with the unforgettable Fabrizio Meoni. At the same time he will climb the World Classification, headed by Helder Rodrigues (69 points) before the Polish rider Kuba Przygonski (58 points, while Coma has 50).

Pharaons Rally also sees the start back to competition of “Chaleco” Lopez, again on his Aprilia after the terrible accident of last April in Tunisia. Also Jordi Viladoms looks for a centre position, as well as the polish Jakub Przygonski, Marek Dabrowski and Jaceck Czachor.

Interesting will be the “African” opening of Andrea Mancini, a very fast Italian rider that has been the only one to keep up with Coma and Despres in these last years at the Sardegna Rally Race.

Much curiosity will heighten the two Piaggio Vespa PX led by Andrea Revel Nutini and Marcello Dabrogni. They certainly will not win the Pharaons race, but the enjoyment prize is for them.

Among cars “his highness” Jean Louis Schlesser comes back to Egypt after the incredible victory of last year. An important challenge for the French fighting for the FIA World Cup. Given the absence of Novitskiy who’s on top and the 60 points on auction in Egypt, Schlesser might find the way to fill part of the gap from the Russian.

He will meet on the track the resolute drivers of the Toyota Autobody Team, the Japanese Jun Mitsuhashi and Masahiro Terada, as well as the fierce Russian team of G-Force headed by Boris Gadasin, already two times winner of the Baja World Cup. Then the Sixt Ukraine Team of Vadym Nesterchuk follow, the three cars of the Team Leading Lodges of Africa and the three Nissan of Team Dessoude, all run by… Cinotto: a father and two sons challenging within family members.

Lots of eyes are over Thierry Magnaldi: the former biker has started off at the Silk Way Rally with a SSV Polaris Razor, giving hard times to the real 4 wheels. His experience over the Egyptian dunes and the weightlessness of his vehicle could well surprise!

Last but not least, three Egyptian teams are competing to amaze their “home” race: the skilled Tarek El Erian, Karim El Zanaty and Gary Garbis.

So, keep your laptop on and mouse in hand from October 3rd to 8th on