Pharaons Rally: Scouting Report


Six stages covering 2,660 kilometres, of which only 300 kilometres are transfers. The 2011 Pharaons Rally is ready again to amaze all participants. Endless dunes, huge oceans of sand, the trails of ancient caravans and Selective off-road navigation. Nothing is missing. Special trials requiring feats of skill await, including the fifth stage which promises to be a unique and memorable challenge.

The scouting team of JVD, headed by Stephane Le Bail, has just returned from Egypt. The skilled pencil of this French “artist” has designed all the lines and contours in the road book for this year’s Pharaons, which is waiting, as usual, for all passionate rally-raiders from October 1st to 9th.

The logistics of this race have been simplified, with only two bivouacs. This will lessen the assistance teams’ movements and ease their work quite a bit. 
But, not so for the pilots. The 2011 Pharaons will be a long and difficult race, with many kilometres of Selective Stages and plenty of dunes. Rapidly changing landscapes will make every day new and extraordinary.

The passion of our team, especially the keenness of Mahmoud Nour El Din, the “Scout Chief”, is sky high. After working in the desert for over 10 years, he is speechless about the terrain the Pharoans will pass through.

The most difficult challenge of the 2011 rally will be the fifth stage with its concentration of cathedral dunes. These dunes have captured Stephane Le Bail’s (47 rally-raid openings) imagination and impressed him so much that he is quoted as saying, “Egypt has always been my space for freedom and beauty. After having crossed all the deserts of the world over many years, I’m always amazed by the beauty and vastness of this fantastic desert. It’s, for me, a special respect and a moment for meditation I feel in front of these magnificent dunes. If you add to that a varied route for navigation, Egypt’s welcoming spirit and an organization without fault, you find again the real value of the rally-raid. A rally that must not be missed by desert lovers...”

Along the same line, Pierre Lartigue (35 rally-raid victories, 4 time rally-raid World Champion): "The Pharaons Rally has been my first rally as a professional racer. The tracks have always impressed me with these cathedral dunes for many kilometres, those fast slides on the sand, the majestic bivouacs and a perfect organization. Definitely a rally to be done. Enjoy it!"

These are strong words from Le Bail and Lartigue, words of experts among the most skilled in this field. 

The Pharaons Rally always holds surprises and this year will be no different, offering an unrivaled rally-raid experience.

Are you ready for the challenge?