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Another victory for Schlesser´s record!


The unreachable leader of Pharaons Rally 2011, Jean-Louis Schlesser is a one of a kind driver. The car creator/designer is more than 60 years old and to acquire victories on his blue Buggy seems to be his hobby. Schlesser collects more than 200 motorsport´s victories, half of it in cross country rally, mainly in Africa: Two memorable Dakar wins and thee in Africa Eco-Race. To these, eight World Cup titles must be added, and once you add all up, you understand that for “the boss”, the legend is written in the black continent.

“One more!” says Schlesser as he gets down of his Buggy stopped in front of the Pyramids, while all microphones and cameras turn to him.

At the end of a flawless week, Jean Louis and Konstantin have left only the rest to other competitors. The first stage was signed by Russian driver Vladimir Vasiliev, all ...


Marc Coma wins Pharaons 2011, Helder Rodrigues becomes World Champion


The last stage of Pharaons Rally between Tibniya and Cairo caused an earthquake in the standings. The day triggered unexpected changes in the race: Jordi Viladoms (Yamaha) and Marek Dabrowski (KTM) left the race due to broken engine and Andrea Mancini was victim of an accident that resulted in a shoulder luxation.

Marc Coma took the lead the whole week and kept the lead until the end. The Spaniard didn´t have to face any misfortune and same for Helder Rodrigues, winner of this last stage. The Portuguese and Coma finish even in number of victories, three each, but the Spanish adds a new record to his profile. By this new victory in Pharaons, he marks his fifth victory with which he overcomes Fabrizio Meoni, who carried the record until now.

Pharaons 2011´s overall standings are leaded by Marc Coma followed by Helder Rodrigues and Jakub Przygonski in the ...


The “Big Five”!


Marc Coma celebrates his 35th birthday today, and he offers himself a stage victory as a present! The Spaniard signs the third victory out of five stages. In cars, Jean-Louis Schlesser doesn´t stop attacking and increases the gap from the top…

Today was the most difficult stage of Pharaons Rally 2011. All competitors agreed that the extreme hit was a steady difficulty during the 444 km of the timed section. The first five bikes of overall standings run together for part of the stage as if they needed to spy one over the other! Certainly the battle starts with the two Yamaha riders, Jordi Viladoms and Helder Rodrigues (fifth of the day), both wanting to take the place after Coma, who has 14´53” of advantage. Chaleco López on Aprilia and Jakub Przygonski on KTM joined the crew and the five together rode at a very high pace.

Marek ...


Coma 2 – 2 Rodrigues


The 4th stage of Pharaons Rally should be called “Farafra´s Circuit.” The timed section, a 339 km was loop was mostly swallowed by all competitors in a very high temperature.

There were lots of events in today´s stage in bikes. First, Marc Coma, who was opening this morning, found his mates at CP1, Rodrigues and Viladoms. These two riders reached each other a few kilometers before, and then, the three continued the stage together. Even If the three arrived at the same time, it is Helder Rodrigues who signs the stage victory right in front of “Chaleco” López. The Chilean rider stopped 30 km before the end of the stage to help Jes Munk.

Jakub Przygonski run his race alone and finished third. The Polish keeps his fourth place in overall standings.

Jes Munk bit some sand after riding too fast, and couldn´t see a step up ...


The experience talks


A short stage of 310 km with a 286 special after which competitors were satisfied to have crossed the finish line early this morning so they could get some rest before the three race days that are coming from tomorrow, for the second part of the rally.

The day was marked by the various kinds of grounds that riders had to run through along the stage. Some of them did not appreciate the harshness of the stony start, and some others the fast track that took them to the end. So, it was necessary to take the right combination of both, but crossing the desert was cherished by all competitors.

Marc Coma renews a victory after leaving the place to Helder Rodrigues, and reign among the three riders that follow. Either Jordi Viladoms (Yamaha), who started two minutes before, or Jakub Przygonski (KTM) or the opener Helder Rodrigues (Yahama), they ...


Rodrigues and Schlesser get their first stage win!


Yesterday night, at the briefing, Daniele Cotto insisted in that stage 2 was going to be harder than the first one. He was right, the selective section of 473 km over the 476 of the day were not tender to competitors.

In bikes, it was time to shine for Helder Rodrigues (Yamaha), who conquered the sand with elegance. The Portuguese rider earned a stage victory after leaving the start in the fourth position, 8 minutes behind Marc Coma. The Spaniard, fourth today, keeps his leadership in overall standings and keeps his advantage over Rodrigues, who takes now the second place. The gap is still small to allow any release to the leader. 1’23” seconds are not a lot after the second day when there are still four to go.

Jakub Przygonski (2nd of the stage), run with perfection maintaining his place in the podium these two days, but this ...


No Surprises for Coma, Vladimir Vasiliev comes in!


The start of Pharaons Rally´s first stage was celebrated today next to the Pyramids. Competitors launched the adventure into the Egyptian desert for the first 470 km between Cairo and Tibniya and, as they shared at the bivouac, it wasn’t an easy job to complete it. A hard day for Chaleco Lopez in bikes and Boris Gadassin in cars.

The bike race has already its leader personified by Marc Coma. The Spaniard opened the track for the selective section of 356 km. Then, the rider showed off his great control over the tracks and his KTM that he didn´t ride since Sardinia Rally. Behind him, war was declared… with a Jordi Viladoms particularly fast on his Yamaha. The Catalonian rider, Coma´s former team mate who suffered an accident in Sardinia, proved his force by finishing second. Third was the Poland rider Jakub Przygonski (KTM 450) followed ...


The Egyptian Dunes Are Calling!


The 14th edition of Pharaons Rally is about to start. After two days of technical and administrative checks, the Pyramids of Giza will be the perfect setting for the race start. The competition will begin tomorrow with the first stage between Cairo and Tibniya.

The new location of Pharaons Rally 2011, the Movenpick Hotel of 6 October City in the Oasis Road, has been the ideal place to host scrutineerings, a beautiful hotel with wide spaces that allowed the two day of administrative and technical checks to run smoothly. It even allowed some to take a break in the swimming pool before taking off to the Egyptian Desert.

Tonight, expectation grows and everything is set for this new adventure and the Giza Pyramids wait to hold the great start for all competitors.

After all crews completed scrutineering process, everything is set to race for the next six days. Tomorrow, Pharaons ...


Pharaons Rally: It’s worth the wait!


The fourteenth edition of the Pharaons Rally is going on stage from October 3rd to 8th. All the vehicles are “sailing” towards Alexandria where drivers will collect them on September 30th. The bike category FIM World title will be decided in Egypt among the three competitors: Rodrigues, Przygonski and Coma. Among cars, Jean Louis Schlesser will try to catch the current top position holder, Novitskiy.

Activities are hectic. Few days to the start of the fourteenth edition of the Pharaons Rally, the racing vehicles have been shipped on the Spes of Grimaldi Lines and they just left from Venice Port to reach Alexandria after three days of navigation.

The 63 motorbikes, 12 quads, 25 cars, 2 trucks plus another twenty teams participating in the Pharaons Classic and Raid. These are the records of this 2011 Pharaons Rally. Significant figures if you think that Egypt has just come out of a ...


Pharaons Rally goes “onstage”


The 14th Edition of the Pharaons Rally is an event with a real international touch. Last year winners have already confirmed their presence, so Marc Coma will run among the bikes and Jean Louis Schlesser among the cars. Thus all is getting ready for their fast journey in the thrilling Egyptian desert.

Less than one month and the lights of the fourteenth edition of Pharaohs Rally will illuminate the final round of FIM World Cross Country Championship and the penultimate meeting of FIA World Cup.

This fun adventure in six legs is getting ready, with the marvelous Giza Pyramids being the opening door to the infinite spaces of the Egyptian wilderness, to its stretched chains of dunes, to its caravan trails traced by merchants among the oasis for ages.

The talents attendance is definite and they will enliven the event as two main characters well-known for their passionate performances among ...


Pharaons Rally: Scouting Report


Six stages covering 2,660 kilometres, of which only 300 kilometres are transfers. The 2011 Pharaons Rally is ready again to amaze all participants. Endless dunes, huge oceans of sand, the trails of ancient caravans and Selective off-road navigation. Nothing is missing. Special trials requiring feats of skill await, including the fifth stage which promises to be a unique and memorable challenge.

The scouting team of JVD, headed by Stephane Le Bail, has just returned from Egypt. The skilled pencil of this French “artist” has designed all the lines and contours in the road book for this year’s Pharaons, which is waiting, as usual, for all passionate rally-raiders from October 1st to 9th.

The logistics of this race have been simplified, with only two bivouacs. This will lessen the assistance teams’ movements and ease their work quite a bit. 
But, not so for the pilots. The 2011 Pharaons will ...


Dakar Challenge: Cairo-Mar del Plata direct


On the 2011 Pharaons Rally, between 3rd and 8th October this year, a motorcycle rider will win a place on the Dakar, on the condition of winning the Dakar Challenge. The latter is dedicated to discovering promising riders and giving them a chance to demonstrate their skill in the most important of rally raid events.

A first challenge awaits these riders. Motorcyclists registered on the Rallye des Pharaons are entering a demanding event, with six legs and a total distance of close to 3,000 kilometres on the programme.

Getting through all of the tracks and dunes of Egypt is already a considerable endurance test. Indeed, for many it represents a major success in itself. But rally raid enthusiasts nevertheless cultivate the desire to test themselves on the Dakar experience.

It sometimes takes a long time to put in place the possibility of realising this ambition, which in any case ...




The 2011 Pharaons Rally has a simpler structure than previous years, while it doesn’t give up with the traits that make it the unmissable early October appointment (1-9). Actually its legs are longer and they’ll feature the best of the Egyptian desert.

We must be practical: situations change, needs increase, economies ... are at a standstill quite for all.

But even with these forewords, the 2011 Pharaons Rally promises to be an event “which keeps up with the times”, as it will keep into consideration all those basic factors that we live with every day. This does not change the most selective competition, or the pleasure to drive in the desert, or the comfort of our quite famous bivouacs, or the safety of a rally which counts on a medical team getting well along together while following us with passion and professionalism since twelve years.

How is it possible ...


2011 Pharaons Rally: Ready!


After all these years of work in Egypt, we at Jvd feel a little bit Egyptian, not as nationality but at least in our spirit. We are today living in direct action an historical moment for modern Egypt and we are moved by this.

As we are running late with the the Pharaons ICC Rally 2011, we thought it’s time to cut hesitation and to start working in order to offer our participants an outstanding rally in Egypt, as we have always done.

We have therefore opened registrations and we’re glad to confirm the Pharaons ICC Rally dates in the week from October 1st to 9th, 2011.

Meanwhile it’s online the new version of the website getting increasingly richer with info on 2011 Pharaons.

The most important is the online registration, which makes "slimmer" all participation procedures for the most awaited rally ...