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  • 24/05/2014

    Al Rajhi, Salvatierra and Sonik are the new Pharaons

    GIZA – After an intense week made of desert, high temperatures and hard tracks, the arrival to the Giza pyramids is really a moment of relief for the Pharaons Rally 2014 survivors. Emotions, some tears of joy, many souvenir photos with the fantastic Pyramids on the background.

    No particular surprises has shaken the general ranking, so Yazeed Al Rajhi, Juan Carlos Salvatierra and Rafal Sonik were crowned as new pharaons, in car, bike and quad categories. Nasser Al Attiyah tried in every way to attack Saudi, he overtook him at km 50, but Yazeed had only to control by distance Qatar pilot dust, and lost only three minutes on track.

    Surprise among cars arrived thanks to third podium position that until yesterday was firmly occupied by Polish Marek Dabrowski. Ex motorbike pilot broke his Toyota rear drive shaft reaching the final line with three hours delay and obviously lost the desired ...

  • 23/05/2014

    Just one step to the Pyramids

    BAHARIYA – Fortunately Pharaons temperatures decreased a bit, so the rally's fourth stage, a loop starting and arriving in Bahariya Oasis, has been enjoyable for everybody apart from motorbike leader, Juan Carlos Salvatierra, who fell down by the end of special stage for having relaxed too much.

    Bolivian seriously damaged his Speedbrain, loosing fork oil and radiator water. Fortunately, both Cardona and Sonik stopped to get water from their camel-back, so Salvatierra could finish the stage. Today 315 km stage winner has been Nicolas Cardona with an advantage of three minutes on Rafal Sonik's quad and of ten minutes on Salvatierra.

    Salvatierra still maintains competition leadership , but his advantage has now reduced to 21 minutes. Stefano Chiussi is third overall, but the surprising Italian fell down and dislocated his shoulder. He only has a three minutes advantage on Sonik that tomorrow will have the concrete opportunity to grab the ...

  • 22/05/2014

    Yazeed controls Al Alattiyah, Salvatierra keep Cardona at distance

    BAHARIJA – The show of Libyan Egyptian desert performed today during third Pharaons Rally 2014 stage, that ideally related Dakhla and Baharija Oasis with a special stage of 289 km among the wonderful landscapes pilots found around each corner.

    Cars fight is becoming interesting, with Nasser Al Attiyah who's trying to regain the gap collected during the first day from Yazeed Al Rajhi.

    Qatar “prince” won the stage again today, but Saudi had a delay of 1’23’’ only. More than nine minutes instead, the delay of Dutch Erik Van Loon, third in Baharija finish line.

    Vladimir Vasilyev was performing a good trial and seemed to be going through today's victory, but the upper suspension arm breaking made him loose almost one hour for repairing. The fight at the top is among Mini All4Racing and Toyota Overdrive, as confirmed by Marek Dabrowski fourth place, that ended in front of ...

  • 21/05/2014

    Al Attiyah and Salvatierra first in Dakhla

    DAKHLA – Another hot day at Pharaons Rally, that left Nile Valley to go through the Libic Desert, in Dakhla oasis that hosted the first bivouac after the nights spent in hotel. Pharaons atmosphere has so begun in earness with a difficult special stage of 362,76 km, faced after a 244 km tranfer and started this morning at 11.

    Temperatures over 47 degrees that made the day very difficult with lots of problems concerning dehydration especially for bikers.

    Cars instead had to face wheel punctures, like the three happened to today winner Nasser Al Alattiyah or the two occurred to the general classification leader Yazeed al Rajhi.

    Al Attiyah won with two minutes over the car brand companion Vladimir Vasilyev and with less than four minutes on Saudii Yazeed Al Rajhi, that remains at the top of the classification with two minutes over Vasilyev and nine over Al Attiyah.

    Among ...

  • 20/05/2014

    Al Attiyah gets lost and let Al-Rajhi to go ahead - Savatierra wins among bikes

    LUXOR – Pharaons first stage suddenly heated pilots tempers, most of all because of the high temperatures that accompanied them during the whole day, reaching 48 degrees. A difficult day, especially for navigation, that created some important plot twist.

    The 221 km Special Stage, rode among scenographic canyons and old caravan tracks, brought the 2014 Pharaons first surprise: Nasser Al Attiyah actually took the wrong track around km 100 by squeezing in the wrong valley and leaving almost thirteen minutes to today winner, Saudi Yazeed Al-Rajhi who made today a competition based on an attack strategy. Behind him the World Cup leader Vladimir Vasilyev, from Russia with a delay of 3’50’’. Vasilyev leads the small three Mini all4Racing squad, in front of Dutch Erik Van Loon and Al Attiyah. Fifth and sixth position for the two Hummer H3, with Kazakh Yuriy Sazonow and Czech Miroslav Zapletal.

    Seventh position for Marek ...